Valparaiso – the colorful city

This blogpost took me a while to write, just because I didn't feel like writing, I didn't know what to really write about this city and with my infection, I was busy with going to the hospital. I will write about the infection at some other point because it seems like it is an interesting … Continue reading Valparaiso – the colorful city

The end of the world

"The end of the world" sounds a bit drastic, but that's how Ushuaia is sometimes referred to, as it is supposed to be the southernmost city of the world. It depends how you define city, this is correct or not. Puerto Williams, the town I started the trek to the Dientes de Navarino is even … Continue reading The end of the world

Dientes de Navarino

5:25 am and I am sitting at the airport in Santiago de Chile to get on the flight to the Easter Island and as I have nothin else to do, I am writing this blog post. Please excuse me if things don't make sence: I got up at 2:45 am (wow, I have been awake … Continue reading Dientes de Navarino

9 days in the wilderness when I almost died aka Torres del Paine circuit

The Torres del Paine National Park has been on my bucket list since I first looked into going to Patagonia. I think it was pretty much the first thing that popped up when searching for trekking in Patagonia. There are a few options to get to know the National Park but the following ones are … Continue reading 9 days in the wilderness when I almost died aka Torres del Paine circuit

El Chaltén and the Perito Moreno glacier

I am still so far behind with my blogposts, so I sit down today and write a few in one go. Cross your fingers I actually do it and don't get distracted by anything or anyone (like it happened the last few times.) After Rio Tranquilo in Chile, I went back to Los Antiguos and … Continue reading El Chaltén and the Perito Moreno glacier