Valparaiso – the colorful city

This blogpost took me a while to write, just because I didn’t feel like writing, I didn’t know what to really write about this city and with my infection, I was busy with going to the hospital. I will write about the infection at some other point because it seems like it is an interesting topic for everyone (except me! :D )

So, what to write about Valparaiso? When I first heard about it, people were saying how beautiful this city was and that I should so go there. As I obey (hahaha, sometimes more and sometimes less) I went to Valparaiso with Caroline. Yes, we met again on the bus to spend the next few days together after being seperated for a few weeks.

Caroline found a Couchsurfing host in Vina del Mar, which is pretty much the part, where people live, as in Valparaiso people tend to be there more for working. I am not sure though, if it still is like that. Vina is just 7 kilometers north of Valparaiso. The city doesn’t have much to offer, or at least we didn’t find anything of much interest, so we spent most of our time in Valparaiso.

People usually go to Valparaiso because the city is well known for its street art. I do have to say, there were some amazing projects all over the city. To hear a bit more about the city and have the most famous street arts explained, we went on a free walking tour. I have told you about those before and that I like them a lot.

The tour took us around the best known cerros Miraflores and Cordillera to see the street art, talk about the history of the city and explain a little more about the artists around the city. And, most importantly, they took us to the best Alfajores place. For those that don’t know what an Alfajor is: it’s two cookies filled with Dulce de Leche (caramel) and covered in chocolate. Those Alfajores were so crunchy on the outside, with this delicious caramel cream thing in between and covered in dark chocolate. No photo here because I ate the thing right away and went back the next day for 8 more :D but, I didn’t eat them all by myself, but shared them like a good friend with other people (with a knife in front of my face! Just kidding ;-) ).

I was a little bit disappointed by the city though, because it was pretty dirty and not well taken off; maybe my expectations were only too high. That’s what happens many times: someone tells you about this beautiful place and how awesome it is and than you go there with just the same expectations (or even higher ones) and you get disappointed by it. But I am not complaining here, it was a nice get away and something different. And now I leave you with some more street art.

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