Hey, I am Cordula (Cory or Cori is also fine with me), a 20-something-year-old (moving towards 30… girl from Germany that loves everything related to fitness, (healthy) food, and traveling. Up until now, this blog has been about fitness and healthy food but this is changing now, as a new adventure is coming up… I am going on an around-the-world trip or depending where I end up, just a big trip.
In Bagan, Myanmar 2013

I’ve been loving traveling for quite some time. The big backpacking trip I did was in 2007 to New Zealand and I loved it. That’s when things started. Since then, I have been to many different places all over the world, including Namibia, Botswana, Peru, Jordan, Europe, etc. and 10 weeks in South East Asia. Some of the trips I did on my own, some with my travel buddy in crime, aka my boyfriend.

Machu Picchu 2015
This time, I will start on my own.
Things haven’t gone that well lately (I might write a post about it some day) and so I decided to leave my job behind (hopefully/maybe I will go back to it later) and start the big trip.
The rough plan is to start in South America, continue to Australia and then to Asia. I am planning on being on the road for one year and after that go and live with my boyfriend in Beijing (he is going to work there for two years). When the time passes by, I will see how everything works out and where I will be going to.
If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.
Hope you enjoy this “new” blog and my new adventure.