El Chaltén and the Perito Moreno glacier

I am still so far behind with my blogposts, so I sit down today and write a few in one go. Cross your fingers I actually do it and don't get distracted by anything or anyone (like it happened the last few times.) After Rio Tranquilo in Chile, I went back to Los Antiguos and … Continue reading El Chaltén and the Perito Moreno glacier

Camping in the rain and more mountain stories

You know what just happened? I just erased my whole blogpost I wrote... That was not smart and sets me back a few hours in my life. Not happy!! #grumpyme Well, so just start over again. I told you in the last blogpost that we (Caroline and I) would take off for the Tronador the … Continue reading Camping in the rain and more mountain stories

Mountain love in Bariloche

I am sitting here at the kitchen table of my Couchsurfer host Nahuel slurping my first banana smoothie since South East Asia (OMG, such a long time ago!) and writing this long overdue blog post. The last ten days have been flying past and I didn't have much time to write another post. But while … Continue reading Mountain love in Bariloche

Salta la linda – Salta the beautiful

From Córdoba I took an overnight bus (13:00 hours) to Salta in the north of Argentina. I was a little disappointed by the bus because there were no blankets, no pillows, no food and not even some water. But luckily I was prepared and had some food with me. I arrived in Salta in the … Continue reading Salta la linda – Salta the beautiful

Amo Córdoba – I love Córdoba

I arrived Córdoba in the morning after a night bus from Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires, I was a bit stressed, because my flight from the Iguazú Falls had a two hour delay which left me with 2 hours in BA to get from the Airport, to the hostel to catch some stuff I left … Continue reading Amo Córdoba – I love Córdoba