My big plan for 2019

I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I had a new adventure in China coming up and I wanted to let you know about my exact plan and why I go to China. As I wrote in this post over a year ago, I wanted to go to China last year already but problems came up and I decided on an around-the-world trip first and wanted to go to China beginning of 2019.

The Great Wall

I did eventually go to China but with other plans than I had at the beginning. The original plan was to look for a job in Beijing and apart, learn some Mandarin (or that’s what I hoped for). With my disease last year, things changed around and for that I could only decide at the end of September to continue my plans for my year in China. At that point, I was able to walk on crutches but no doctor would have given me the medical certificate I would have needed in order to work in China (I tried, but got a rejection) and I would not have had enough time to find a job until beginning of 2019. So my plans changed once again and I decided to go to China and learn Mandarin. I think this is a good opportunity to slowly get into Chinese life or better Beijing life and learn the language even better than I would have while working. I also think, it is good for my future as there are more and more companies in the whole wide world that work with Chinese companies and would be more than happy to take someone under contract that, at least understands Mandarin (I wouldn’t say understand the Chinese people, because that’s another story)

So here I am in Beijing, going to school everyday for 4 hours and doing quite some studying after school in order to be decent in Mandarin. I will keep you updated on the progress.

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