Flying over the Iguazú, and meeting other wonderful travelers (irony!)

Yesterday (I had to change the “Today” to “Yesterday” as I was just to tired to finish this post) I left the hostel early to catch the bus to the Brazilian side of Iguazú. My boyfriend (te echo de menos!) gave me the tip to fly over the falls with a helicopter. I have never flown in one so I thought this might be a good opportunity, even though that it meant I would spend far more than my daily budget is.

So I took the first bus at 8:30 am in order to get over the boarders quickly. That’s where I met a German guy who actually joined me on my helicopter ride when we got close to the park entrance.

For the flying, you cannot make a reservation, so you just show up and wait (and obviously pay) until it’s your time. We waited for around 35 minutes, which isn’t too bad. I got to sit in the front, which was even better. I had the full view and it was just amazing.

We flew over the falls a few times so every one could see the falls properly. I recommend everyone to do the flight because this is a once in a lifetime. I know it is economically not the most recommendable but I always try to leave as little of a footprint as possible so for me this flight was acceptable and just look at the views, they are amazing.

After the falls I entered the Brazilian side of the Iguazú. In order to get to the waterfalls in the park you have to take a bus (included in the almost 16€ of the entrance fee) which takes you in around 15 minute close to the falls so you just have to walk a few steps down.

From the Brazilian side you have a wonderful panorama of all the falls which is just stunning. But you also get to see them from the bottom or better speaking from in between two falls. If you really want to experience the falls, you get pretty wet because there is so much mist, it lets you behind soaked (just look at me in the next picture!)

This was the part about the waterfalls. Now I tell you a story about this German guy I met at the boarder while leaving Argentina.

He saw my passport so he started talking to me. Apparently he was still studying. He was from Ingolstadt (where I am working) and was convinced, that all people at Audi don’t work at all and just get way to much money for doing nothing. (Stereotypes? No way! ;-) )When we came to the helicopter company, I said I would get off as I want to do the flight. He joined me and while I paid my flight, he called his mom asked if he should do this flight as well. He said to me “of course, you as a person working for Audi, you don’t have to think about talking this flight twice”… But at the end it turns out, his mother is paying for all his trip of seven weeks. And then he complains about me…..

At some point he was telling me about this steak house and I told him I was a vegetarian and his only reaction was “Yeah, I thought you were.” Hello, why do I look like a vegetarian?? So guess what, I was happy to be on my own again after he even said it was my fault of having lost the bus because I had to go to the bathroom….

So fun meeting new travelers (not).

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