La Paloma, the place I didn‘t enjoy very much

From Montevideo, Alanna and I took a bus to La Paloma. When we looked at hostels, there was almost no option left, so we opted for one that seemed ok.

When we arrived at the hostel, we weren’t greeted very friendly by the owner and she even had to check if she really had beds for as. Apparently, this is the only place on earth where the booking system of does not work….?! Well, we got beds but mine was in an 18 (yes, that’s right!) bed room which online on the picture was a six bed room.. You can imagine I didn’t sleep much all those days: people were coming in and out all night long, they turned on the lights and where talking until 3 am.

So it didn’t start off very well in La Paloma but we had three days to fill. So we did a bit of strolling along the sea, sunbathing and eating, and sewing my clothes (yes, that’s also something you have to do now and then on the road). The place is quite expensive though and we tried to cook or prepare food ourselves.

As there wasn’t much to do around, we did a bit of a photoshoot with all the graffiti the town had :D

Me fooling around

The last day, we had the check out at 10 am and were to leave at around 1pm to catch the bus to Montevideo. At 10:20 after we left the rooms, the owner of the place came and told us we are supposed to leave the place because she has to clean. She hadn’t done that to any of the other guests but she didn’t really like us, I guess. We left and hung out at one of the cafes in town until it was time to leave.

As you see, we didn’t enjoy La Paloma very much but on a trip like this, you make mistakes or wrong decisions and have to cope with the consequences. At least I learned a few things:

1. never ever sleep in a 18-bed room ever again

2. I survive with almost no sleep for 7 consecutive days (so much snoring, lights and in general noise)

3. choose your hostels wisely and if you don’t find a good one, don’t go to that place or save it for later, it really affects your stay

4. homesickness might occur but you get over it (or you go home)

5. don’t take strawberries in a backpack with you if you don’t want strawberry puree

6. don’t get close to bleach when you wear a black shirt that you have only worn once

7. when you can share the bad experience, it gets easier – thank you Alanna

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