Colonia del Sacramento or the night I didn‘t sleep

I am sitting on the bus on the way to Montevideo where I will spend a few days exploring the city, and I take advantage of the three hour bus ride to write about the impressions I got today in Colonia del Sacramento.

So we, which is my friend Alanna from the US and I, took the ferry from Buenos Aires directly to Colonia del Sacramento. The trip went really smooth, we did the Check-in, like at the airport, went through customs, got two stamps (one for leaving Argentina and one for entering Uruguay) in the passport and where able to board the ferry. It was a nice and comfortable, around 1:45 hour ride which we spent with reading books and working on our blogs/vlogs. We easily got to our hostel and went for a small dinner.

As we were quite tired from the day (even though we didn’t do anything that day) we wanted to go to bed and get a goods night rest. Too bad though, that the Latinos outside of our room celebrated there own private party. At 1:30 am they finally stopped so we could have gone to sleep easily if it hadn’t been for our room mate Mr. Snoring. Mr. Snoring was snoring all night long and so loudly, not even my earplugs had a chance to turn off the noise. I even threw a blanket at Mr. Snoring at one point, but he didn’t care much and kept on snoring, no matter if he slept on his side or back. So after a short and loud night, we had breakfast and went out to explore the small town of Colonia.

Our hostel was close to the city center and we were there before major groups of tourists arrived for a day trip. The town is quite small but it is so beautiful with its cobbled street, colorful houses and the beach close. There were also some old cars which gave the town an even nicer feeling to it.

Colonia isn’t big, so there is no need to stay more than half a day if you only want to see the old city. But it seems to be a good place for foodies, as there were so many nice little restaurants and bars all over the city. The prices are higher than they were in Buenos Aires, which we found surprising. But Uruguay is one of the wealthiest countries in South America which probably explains higher prices.

If you are in Buenos Aires or traveling South America, it is definitely worth spending a day in this cute town.

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