The first few days of my trip

Today is my third day in Buenos Aires and it’s raining outside and quite cold (18C) compared to the 30C we had the last days. So I thought it was the perfect day to make a short resumee of what has happend until now.

The week before Christmas I had off so we could do all the packing to leave the apartment nice and neat for those years we are gone. Then on Friday morning we flew to New York until the 2 of january. I might write a post about our time in New York later but for now I just concentrate on “my” trip.

Two days after arriving back home I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend as he took of to his new adventure to Beijing where I will join him in about a year. It was quite sad saying goodbye as we don’t know when will be the next time we see each other.

On Monday it was my time to say a final goodbye to friends and family. It is a strange feeling not knowing when exactly I will see them again. But my family and my friends will always be there and coming back will be very exciting to see them all again.

My first small stop was Madrid where I spent 9 months almost 9 years ago. It was so nice being back and also seeing friends from back than. It seemed like no time had passed (Sofia, lo tenemos que repetir). I stayed with my friend Marta I met in surf camp last October and it was so much fun spending those three days with her and exploring Madrid and the surroundings with her.

After those wonderful days with Marta, I flew in an overnight flight to Buenos Aires. I hadn’t done much research on what to do and where to go, so the offered free walking tour to La Boca was very welcomed. La Boca is a part of Buenos Aires which was very much influenced by the Italians when they came to Buenos Aires.

Yesterday I teamed up with Alanna to do a tour around Recoleta which is the richer part of the city with nice houses, the national theater, and the big cemetery where most of Buenos Aires’ important and popular persons are buried. This place was very special and had a special feeling to it. I just add some photos so you get the idea.

The national theaterThe cemetery

Today I probably not do much except planning the further trip.

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