My first time….

… flying in Business Class.

I have flown quite a few times but never in Business class as I never had the urge to pay 3 times more for a flight just to get a better treating and more space on a flight. This although does not mean I’ve never envied all those flying in Business. I have always dreamed of that one time I get the chance to enjoy all those extra treats.

This time, I had the chance to take Business class as I was acompanying my boyfriend to the “Look and See” trip to Beijing! What an exciting thing. First time to China and first time flying in Business.

If you have flown in Business, I am sure you are annoyed by those people that are taking photos of everything at the lounges, those trying all the things from the Buffet, getting drunk at the bar (just kidding!) and in general just beeing damn excited. You’d think it’s their first time in such a lounge or flight….. Duhhhh, maybe it’s their first time?! I AM that girl getting all excited by seeing a big pile of gummy bears (who does not?!) or all those little treats like muffins and stuff. When do you get the chance to have food and drinks for free?? Yeah, probably like never. So you gotta take advantage ;-)

But you didn’t only get free food and drinks in the lounges but also on the flight. On the long distance one we even got a menu to choose from different dishes, they even had a wine card! Yes, you read right, a wine card! The stewardess also almost took off my shoes at entering the plane ;). She unwrapped the slippers everyone gets and put them right in front of me, like saying: ‘take your shoes off. Pronto!!!’ Hahaha! Almost ;-)Well, you see, a lot of fun things. The best part though was the option to make a bed of your seat. A real (small) bed with a real blanket and a real pillow. So cozy!

Even though I didn’t sleep much, I had a well better rest than flying in economy. So if you ever have the chance to fly business, even if it means paying a little more, take the chance and experience a fun flight.

Let me know if you have flown in Business and what your experiences were or if it’s always been your dream to fly business one day like it was mine.

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